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The leading Web Design and Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines. Deepsleek builds branding for business using platforms like creating Web Designs, Mobile Apps, SEO, Advertising and Social Media Marketing with excellent results. We make business names known to specific target markets without expensive costs of TV Commercials.


Extremely Affordable Packages
We offer the lowest price for Digital Marketing and Website Design. We believe that it shouldn't be expensive to advertise so all of us can have our place in the web and get us all online, making us the Most Affordable Digital Marketing and Web Design Company in the Philippines.

User Friendly and Professional Website Designs
Professional, Informative, Sleek, Simple and Straightforward - These are the quality that we provide. Just show them who you are, what you offer and what makes you different. That's all the clients and customers need to know to show their interest in you!

Proven Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
Our services have the most effective tools in branding a business. From Web Designs, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Broadcast Advertising and Graphic Designs, we have all you need to promote your business everywhere with excellent results.

After Sales Support
We have a dedicated technical team that you can talk to and ready to assist you while you are subscribed to our services.

Trusted By Top Brands
Our clients from around the world have gained big difference in branding their businesses with the help of our Digital Marketing Strategies. Making them stand out among the competition, we help them build relevant audience and traffic that generates into high quality lead sales.

Deepsleek™ Digital Marketing Philippines
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Our Services

Our service does not end in creating your website. We do not just leave you clueless on what to do next. If we don ot advertise your site, it will be just a decoration. We will show you how to promote your website and show you all the tools and materials you need to advertise it.

Planning & Strategy

Before we start building your website. We collect some useful information about your business so we can make a platfrom designed to get to your target market and location and apply some strategies to make it consistent or retroactive.

Corporate Branding

It's time to give your business it's own identity! From establishing your domain name, we'll create a specialized logo for your business. This will give a strong impact to your customers and clients. We will let them know and we'll make them feel that your business is successfully growing and you are taking it to the next level.

Web Design & Development

Like a worldclass chef working on his special dish, with eyes concentrated on his masterpiece, we'll carefully mix these ingredients to create a beautiful website which will catch the attention of the online market, make them stay on your page and show their interest in you!

SEO,SMM and Internet marketing

Like we always said, a website without SEO is just a decoration, in order for your website to appear in search engines like google, firefox or yahoo, we need to set up your SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" and make sure that your website will pass all the requirements of these search engines.

Email Marketing

Now it's time to promote and advertise your website. We'll teach you how to do it using your email messaging and social media tools. It's time to gear up and gather all the emails of possible clients in your location or beyond and let the world know what difference your business has to offer...

Premium Customer SUpport

We don't stop helping after the website turnover. Along the way, you will encounter technical problems but we are always here to give you a solution. We will not leave you behind. We're here to provide all the tools and graphic designs you need to make your website consistently active, live, updated and beautiful...

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Our Pricing

Extremely Affordable - This best describes our prices. With all the benefits you can get, you can never go wrong in building your website with us... We are the Most Affordable Web Designer in the Phillippines

Basic Class



Regular Price : Php 4,750
  • *No Monthly Fee
  • One Website
  • One Account
  • 15MB Disk Space
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Security Features
  • Free SEO Initial Set Up
  • Free Facebook Advertisement
  • Free 2 Banners
  • Free Tutorial and Customer Support

Business Class



Regular Price : Php 18,000
  • *Php 350 or 750 Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • *Free One Domain Name
  • *Free Professional Email Address
  • *Free Logo
  • *Free Website Management
  • *Unlimited Bandwith
  • *Free 1 GB Disk Storage
  • One Website
  • One Account
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Security Features
  • Free SEO Initial Set Up
  • Free Facebook Advertisement
  • Free 2 Banners per month
  • Premium Customer and Tech Support
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Premium Class



Regular Price : Php 94,000
  • *Php 1250 or 1750 Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • *Premium Ecommerce Site
  • *Customized Website Design
  • *Customized Slideshow Plug In
  • *Free One Domain Name
  • *Free Professional Email Address
  • *Free Logo
  • *Free Favicon
  • *Free Website Management
  • *Unlimited Site Links
  • *Unlimited Bandwith
  • *Unlimited Disk Storage
  • *Unlimited Photo Uploading
  • One Website
  • One Account
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Security Suit
  • Free SEO Initial Set Up
  • Free Facebook Advertisement
  • Free 10 Banners per month
  • Free Premium Customer Support

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